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Organic Cantaloupe Smoothie/Shake Syrup Best Flavors NF-5959/4714
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Organic Cantaloupe Smoothie/Shake Syrup

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Organic Cantaloupe Smoothie/Shake Syrup
Product Item # Price Qty.
1 qt.
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NF-5959/4714-1qt  $25.15 
1 gallon
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NF-5959/4714-1gallon  $66.15 

Organic Cantaloupe Smoothie/Shake Flavor Syrup

Best Flavors organic smoothie syrups can also be used to make slushies, snow cones, ice cream toppings and organic shakes.

Best Flavors uses 100% organic ingredients with organic colors, natural flavors and antioxidant rich purees.

Usage: 8 ounces of milk or soy milk 8 ounces of ice 4 ounces of our Organic Smoothie Syrup


  Product NameOrganic Cantaloupe Smoothie/Shake Syrup
  Manufacturer NameBest Flavors