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Apricot Flavor Concentrate (Vegan) Best Flavors NF-939
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Apricot Flavor Concentrate (Vegan)

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Apricot Flavor Concentrate (Vegan)
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1 oz.
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NF-939-1oz  $17.15 
2 oz.
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NF-939-2oz  $21.15 
32 oz.
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NF-939-32oz  $71.40 
1 gallon
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NF-939-1gallon  $99.20 
Apricot flavor is one of the most interesting flavors in the stone fruit family at least in the eyes of this flavor chemist. For me (The Flavor Guy) I find that Apricot flavor especially when studied in nature the aromas that I smell remind me of so many things. There are essences of roses, papaya, almonds and of course peaches. The floral notes that are found in apricot flavor are strong enough that if they were found in every fruit flavor we probably would not eat them but by design they work so well to make apricot flavor one of the most unique flavors in the plant kingdom. I love the taste of homemade apricot preserves spread on everything from toast to topping on vanilla ice cream. When I make homemade apricot preserves I cherish the caramelized notes that come from cooking the apricots over a slow heat. I loose a little of the apricot flavor but I gain those yummy caramel flavors and I can always add a little of the Best flavors apricot flavor back in to the mix before pouring it off in to my canning jars. Apricot flavor is a pretty stout flavor when it comes to heating but if you heat to much you will loose to many of the top notes and the apricot flavor will be lost.
Apricot flavor in tea is another favorite and just one drop of apricot flavor oil on your tea bag will bring a delight to your palate.
Normal starting usage for this flavor range from 1/2% to 1% to start depending on weather you are heating or using in a chilled applications.
The apricot is a very versatile fruit and our Apricot flavor is no exception! It is an outstanding addition to sauces/glazes for poultry, meat, fish, and vegetable dishes; pie fillings; custards/pudding; frostings; mashed potatoes; salads; or gelatins. Ingredients: water, gum arabic, natural flavor, citric acid.

Best Flavors Flavor Concentrates are our most widely-used flavors and are best used in any water-based situation.

Add a few drops to your ice cream to create a truly mouth-watering treat. You could also add a few drops to your cooking or to any beverage to enhance its flavor! If you're only getting one type of product, the Flavor Concentrate is the one to get!

Refrigerate Upon Receipt
Store in tightly sealed container at temperatures not exceeding 35º-40º degrees Fahrenheit. Stable at 2 years if stored properly


  Product NameApricot Flavor Concentrate (Vegan)
  Manufacturer NameBest Flavors


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by Where\'s the ingredients? - 01/17/2004     1 out of 5
Where's the ingredients? Is this product vegetarian / vegan?
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