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Pomegranate Flavor Concentrate Organic Best Flavors NF-4800/ORG
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Pomegranate Flavor Concentrate Organic

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Pomegranate Flavor Concentrate Organic
Product Item # Price Qty.
1 oz.
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NF-4800/ORG-1oz  $18.50 
2 oz.
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NF-4800/ORG-2oz  $23.15 
32 oz.
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NF-4800/ORG-32oz  $85.95 
1 gallon.
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NF-4800/ORG-1gallon  $119.05 
The light, sparkling, sweet/tart fruit flavor of the pomegranate is featured m our Pomegranate flavor. Add an oriental flair to your sweet and savory recipes for veal, poultry, lamb, fruit salads, sorbets, or dessert toppings.

Best Flavors Organic Flavor Concentrates are extremely concentrated water soluble liquids containing no alcohol or sugar and are set in an Organic Gum Acacia Base.

Every Organic Flavor concentrate in this category is certified organic, Kosher, vegan, gluten Free, and contain no allergens!

Unlike our ready to use flavored syrups, all our Flavor Concentrates are intended for a limitless variety of uses. They are not intended to be used as sweetening agents in themselves, but rather to provide the raw flavor which can then be modified and adapted to any number of uses. For beverages for instance (especialy fruity drinks) it is recommended that the flavoring be acompanied by some amount of citric acid, and sweetener to bring about the synergistic effects that those ingredients have on the flavor concentrate itself.

Refrigerate Upon Receipt
Store in tightly sealed container at temperatures not exceeding 35º-40º degrees Fahrenheit. Stable at 2 years if stored properly


  Product NamePomegranate Flavor Concentrate Organic
  Manufacturer NameBest Flavors


Pomegranate Flavor Concentrate Organic
Pomegranate Flavor Concentrate Organic