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We love the qualities of cinnamon. Assertive, fresh, and spicy. Use our flavor oils in any oil-based application where you are looking to add the wonderful flavor and aroma of earthy cinnamon. Best Flavors’ Organic Cinnamon Flavor Oil is vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.
Cinnamon Flavor Oil 2X, Organic Best Flavors NF-10406
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Cinnamon Flavor Oil 2X, Organic

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Cinnamon Flavor Oil 2X, Organic
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1 oz.
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8 oz.
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Cinnamon Flavor Oil 2X, Organic

At Best Flavors, we love our spices--and we especially love everything about cinnamon. Our Organic Cinnamon Flavors Oil 2x is great for all kinds of original applications. Unsweetened, high-heat stable, and oil soluble, this flavor is all you need to add the great taste and aroma of real cinnamon to your every application. Get all the seasonal appeal of cinnamon whenever you see fit. And, because these flavors are so highly concentrated, you’ll find that you simply don’t need as much to get the full effect. Ideal for recipes that require full flavor with fewer ingredients, use flavor oil in candies and chocolate. Use it in candles, scratch and sniff products, potpourris, or anything else you’d like. We do, however, suggest that you do a bit of experimentation when you first receive the product, as each and every recipe is different, has different ingredients, cooks or bakes for a different amount of time, etc.


Ingredient Statement: Contains Organic Sunflower Oil, and Natural Flavors

Organic Flavor Oils can be used in a variety of different ways. Organic Flavor Oils can also be used as a fragrance or flavoring in Organic Lip balms, Organic Hand Scrubs, Organic Candles, Organic Olive Oils, Organic Chocolate, Organic Candies, and Organic Body or Massage Oils.

Product Usage: from 0.5% to 3% maximum, of total ingredients in application. Experimentation is recommended. It is always best to start low and work up to the desired level of flavor as over-flavoring is fairly common with these concentrated flavor oils.


  Product NameCinnamon Flavor Oil 2X, Organic
  Manufacturer NameBest Flavors


Cinnamon Flavor Oil 2X, Organic