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Best Flavors presents you with Organic Cinnamon Flavor Oil. Use our flavor oils in all of your projects that are in need of wonderfully fragrant and delectable cinnamon flavor. Made to order and so easy to use, make sure to add our Organic Cinnamon Flavor Oil to your next project or application. Best Flavors Organic Cinnamon Flavor Oil is vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.
Cinnamon Flavor Oil, Organic Best Flavors NF-10405
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Cinnamon Flavor Oil, Organic

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Cinnamon Flavor Oil, Organic
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1 oz.
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NF-10405-1oz  $10.00 
2 oz.
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NF-10405-2oz  $15.50 
8 oz.
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NF-10405-8oz  $20.00 
1 gallon
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NF-10405-1gallon  $125.00 
5 gallon
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NF-10405-5gallon  $560.00 

Cinnamon Flavor Oil, Organic 

Perfect for large businesses looking to make the next big product on the worldwide market and ideal for the at-home crafter that’s looking to create something special with the scent of cinnamon, you will enjoy the lovely scent and great flavor of this product. Our organic flavors are always made from the best ingredients found on the earth. Pure, true, and honest, our organic flavors can be used to make the various projects that are in need of a hint of cinnamon. Our flavor oils are concentrated, so please be aware that a little will go a long way when beginning to incorporate these flavors into your products. Great on its own or even mixed with other flavor oils to create more of a layered approach, Best Flavors Organic Flavor Oils are ideal for so many uses. Use our Flavor Oils in recipes for cinnamon candy and cinnamon flavored chocolate or in applications for holiday scented candles and potpourri.


Ingredient Statement: Contains Organic Sunflower Oil, and Natural Flavors

Organic Flavor Oils can be used in a variety of different ways. Organic Flavor Oils can also be used as a fragrance or flavoring in Organic Lip balms, Organic Hand Scrubs, Organic Candles, Organic Olive Oils, Organic Chocolate, Organic Candies, and Organic Body or Massage Oils.

Product Usage: from 0.5% to 3% maximum, of total ingredients in application. Experimentation is recommended. It is always best to start low and work up to the desired level of flavor as over-flavoring is fairly common with these concentrated flavor oils.


  Product NameCinnamon Flavor Oil, Organic
  Manufacturer NameBest Flavors


Cinnamon Flavor Oil, Organic