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Best known for its use in apple pie recipes, apple spice blend typically includes cinnamon, cloves, allspice, nutmeg, and occasionally ginger. All you’ll be missing is a fork with apple spice flavor this good. Best Flavors Apple Spice Flavor Oil is vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.    
Apple Spice Flavor Oil Fruity Flavor NF-10168/O
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Apple Spice Flavor Oil

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Apple Spice Flavor Oil
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History & Folklore:


This spice, frequently used for making deliciously hand-crafted, homemade apple pies, is common in the cooler fall and winter months. Apple pies are great for family gatherings around Thanksgiving, Halloween, and even Christmas. There’s nothing better than the aroma of an apple spice pie baking in the oven. Scents of warm cinnamon, spicy cloves, and nutty nutmeg swirl through the air. You can’t wait until the pie comes out of the oven so you can cut a big slice and add a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream or sweetened whipped cream. Interestingly enough, at one time, spices were highly valued and were equal in worth to jewels and even gold. Now, spices are still coveted, though we’re definitely sure glad that they’re far more attainable than they were in ancient times.            


Daily Uses:


Once you get your hands on Best Flavors Apple Spice Flavor Oil, you’ll find yourself using it all the time. Apple Spice Flavor Oil adds wonderful spicy flavor and aroma to all kinds of recipes like apple spice dump cake, apple spice cupcakes, apple spice bundt cake, apple spice cookies, and apple spice gluten free muffins, too. Additionally, our flavor oils can add spice to candles, too.         


Health Benefits:


We take natural ingredients seriously and make nearly each of our products to order, which ensures the item you receive is the freshest it can be. Best Flavors uses extracts from real vegetables and fruits to give each of our products their colors, flavors, and scents. Quite simply, healthy, fresh products we provide equate to healthy, fresh recipes that you are able to make and enjoy with your friends, family, and customers.  




If you’re a fan of making fresh popcorn at home, then we have just the thing to wake up your taste buds from the popcorn that you’re used to making. Melt butter or heat olive oil on the stove and add in a few drops of Best Flavors Apple Spice Flavor Oil and a squeeze or two of honey. Toss freshly popped popcorn with this Apple Spice mixture and you’ve got a great sweet treat perfect for fall.   


Product Specs:


Best Flavors Apple Spice Flavor Oil contains sunflower oil and natural flavors.






  Product NameApple Spice Flavor Oil
  Manufacturer NameFruity Flavor