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A dollop of whipped cream can give life to so many of your favorite desserts, sweets, and hot beverages. With its smooth, creamy, and rich flavor, both the taste and texture of whipped cream lends a decadent addition to your recipes and leave your friends, family, and customers wanting another taste. Best Flavours Whipped Cream Flavor Oil is vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.
Whipped Cream Flavor Oil Cream Flavor NF-10082/O
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Whipped Cream Flavor Oil

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Whipped Cream Flavor Oil
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1 oz.
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NF-10082/O-1oz  $10.94 
2 oz.
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NF-10082/O-2oz  $13.40 
8 oz.
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1 gallon
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5 gallon
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NF-10082/O-5gallon  $560.00 

History & Folklore:


Whipped cream is cream that has been whipped using a stand mixer with a whip attachment or by hand with a handheld whisk. Often times, the whipped cream is sweetened with sugar to make it sweeter and sometimes vanilla flavoring or liqueur is even is added. Air is whipped into the cream, creating tiny pockets of air trapped within, doubling in size. What results is a dairy product that is a fluffy, light, pillowy cloud that can be used as a garnish and added flavor for hot chocolate, coffee drinks, ice cream sundaes, cakes, pies, and so much more. Whipped cream is also known as chantilly cream and crème chantilly. And if you decide to make real whipped cream at home, be careful not to whip the cream too much because you very well might make butter!  


Daily Uses:


You’ll find so many ways to use our whipped cream flavor oil. Not only will you want to add whipped cream flavor to lipglosses, lip balms, and homemade candles, but also add whipped cream flavor oil to chocolate, hard candy, and soft candy. Once you try this great flavor, you’ll find every excuse in the book this incorporate it into your original recipes and creative applications.  


Health Benefits:


Best Flavors uses only the pure natural and organic ingredients to make our products. We use the real flavor extracts of vegetables and fruits to create our radiant flavors. Plant-based ingredients mix with advanced technology resulting in tasty products that you can use in any application. We strive to provide our customers with creative, healthy, and tasty products just like our whipped cream oil, so you can feel confident in what you’re putting into your recipes and, more importantly, what you’re putting into your body.




Are you looking for a new way to add great whipped cream flavor into your sweets and treats? Incorporate our whipped cream flavor oil into your handmade chocolates and bonbons for an extra tasty flair. Next time you break out the double boiler to melt your chocolate, add our whipped cream flavor oil into the mix. Use a chocolate that you enjoy most--white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate. Once the mixture is thoroughly combined, carefully pour the melted chocolate into the mold that you prefer. Set aside to cool. Enjoy!


Product Specs:


Best Flavors Whipped Cream Oil contains sunflower oil and natural flavors.





  Product NameWhipped Cream Flavor Oil
  Manufacturer NameCream Flavor