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Orange you glad you found what you’re looking for? We promise you’ll find our Blood Orange Flavor Oil appealing in every way possible. Bright, citrusy, and flavorful, this great taste is bound to be your new main squeeze. Best Flavors Blood Orange Flavor Oil is vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.
Blood Orange Flavor Oil Best Flavors NF-10012/O

Blood Orange Flavor Oil

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Blood Orange Flavor Oil
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1 oz.
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NF-10012/O-1oz  $10.94 
2 oz.
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NF-10012/O-2oz  $13.40 
8 oz.
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NF-10012/O-8oz  $19.80 
1 gallon
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5 gallon
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NF-10012/O-5gallon  $560.00 

History & Folklore:


So, what makes a blood orange different than the rest, you may ask? The distinct color of a blood orange is just that--the color of blood. Garnet red and brilliantly bold, blood oranges taste very much the same as their orange-colored counterparts. The pigment that blood oranges contain is similar to the pigment that flowers and other fruits contain. Blood oranges are, indeed, pretty unique. Lemons, limes, and grapefruit all stem from the same family, but it’s the blood orange that has the unmistakeable color and the even more unmistakable taste.        


Daily Uses:


If you enjoy the flavor of a blood orange, then you’ve found the right spot. If you’re looking to add a new twist on an oil-based product, then Best Flavors has just what you’re looking for. Blood oranges are bright, sweet, and tart and we simply adore not only their taste, but their sassy color. Once you try Blood Orange Flavor Oil by Best Flavors, you’ll want to add it to all your original applications and recipes. Our flavor oils are terrific for lip balms, lipglosses, flavoring chocolate, adding a fresh scent to candles, and more.


Health Benefits:


Unlike big-box companies, we use only the purest ingredients to make our products--only Mother Nature can do it better. Best Flavors uses real notes of fruits and vegetables to create our flavors. Each product in our line gets both its flavor and color from real plant-based ingredients. Next time you’re looking to add a great taste to one of your creations, make sure to make the healthiest--and the most delicious--choice.




Light the way to great scents and flavor by making a candle from scratch using Best Flavors’ flavor oils. There’s an entire list of things you can assemble with our fantastic flavors. While each flavor is unique, they each can add a new depth of not only flavor, but scent as well. Did you know that you can use our flavor oils to add scent to your applications? Our flavor oils add great scent to candles, lipglosses, and more. Whether you’re making a special candle to have on the coffee table or bedside at home or you’re making a large line of assorted scented candles for mass production, make sure you add Best Flavors Blood Orange Flavor Oil into the mix. Melt your wax-based recipe and incorporate our Blood Orange Flavor Oil until you've reached a scent that you thoroughly enjoy. Affix the wick and carefully pour the mixture into a candle tin or jar. Set aside to cool and harden.            


Product Specs:


Best Flavors Blood Orange Flavor Oil contains sunflower oil and natural flavors.





  Product NameBlood Orange Flavor Oil
  Manufacturer NameBest Flavors