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At Best Flavors, we like things hot. And spicy. And smoky. In fact, we simply can’t get enough of our Organic Jalapeño Flavor Powder because it’s filled to the brim with all that great jalapeño taste that you’re looking for. Best Flavors Organic Jalapeño Flavor Powder is vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.    
Jalapeño Organic Flavor Powder Flavor of Herbs NF-10093/OPF
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Jalapeño Organic Flavor Powder

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Jalapeño Organic Flavor Powder
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1/2 Lbs.
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NF-10093/OPF-1/2lbs  $15.25 
1 lb.
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NF-10093/OPF-1lb  $23.00 
5 lbs.
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10 lbs.
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NF-10093/OPF-10lbs  $224.50 
25 lbs.
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NF-10093/OPF-25lbs  $560.00 
50 lbs.
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NF-10093/OPF-50lbs  $1,100.00 

History & Folklore:


Jalapeños are one of the world's hottest foods--literally and figuratively. The world has an affinity for foods that are spicy and we tend to agree that there’s nothing like the taste of a jalapeño. With all the heat and bite that jalapeño have, there’s more to these little guys than meets the eye. The flavor of jalapeños can wake up many kinds of recipes like cornbread, to nachos, to homemade chili, to jalapeño margaritas, and much, much more. Jalapeños, members of the capsicum annuum family, are cousins to habaneros, anchos, serranos, pasillas, chipotles, anaheims, and many more. Fun fact: the current Guinness Book record holder for eating most jalapeños belongs to Alfredo Hernandez, who ate a whopping 16 jalapeños in just one minute.          


Daily Uses:


With jalapeño flavor as good as Best Flavors Organic Jalapeño Flavor Powder, you’ll want to use find ways to use it over and over again. Try adding Best Flavors Organic Jalapeño Flavor Powder into bread recipes, mixed into hamburger patties and in meatballs, or even baked into chocolate cupcakes for a great suggestion of spice. It doesn’t matter what kind of recipes you decide to make with Best Flavors Organic Jalapeño Flavor Powder, you’ll be mighty glad you did.


Health Benefits:


We’ve all probably heard that eating spicy food can be healthy for you, but folks are not always clear about why it’s just so healthy. Not only do jalapeños help to get the blood pumping and the heart going, but making spicer food a part of your regular diet can help to keep your metabolism at a healthy pace, ultimately making it easier to maintain a healthy weight.  Additionally, jalapeños contain tons of Vitamin C. And what’s not to like about all of that.




Can’t get enough jalapeño flavor? We can’t either. So much so, we’ve found hundreds of great ways to use Best Flavors Organic Jalapeño Flavor Powder. If you love making homemade cornbread, then we’ve got a great recipe for you. Next time you decide to make a batch of cornbread at home, try incorporating great spicy flavor with Best Flavors Organic Jalapeño Flavor Powder into your regular recipe. Care to take it one step further? Try adding additional ingredients into the mix like fresh jalapeños, bacon, green onions, or cheddar cheese. Cornbread made with Best Flavors Organic Jalapeño Flavor Powder makes a great addition to a cold and rainy chili night.


Product Specs:


Best Flavors Organic Jalapeño Flavor Powder contains organic dextrose and natural flavors.





Organic Jalapeño Flavor Powder
Powdered flavors are simply flavor concentrates in powdered form, and have just as much premium taste as flavor concentrates and flavor oils. Most powdered flavors are offered in bulk quantities; a perfect treat for the busy chef!
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 tsp. (4g)
Amount Per Serving:%DV*
Fat0 g0%
Sodium0 mg0%
Total Carbohydrates4 g1%
  Sugars4 g 
Protein0 g0%
* Percent U.S. Daily Value are based on a 2000-calorie diet.


  Product NameJalapeño Organic Flavor Powder
  Manufacturer NameFlavor of Herbs


Jalapeño Organic Flavor Powder